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Research and Teaching by Cuban Academician Lanio Ruiz
Cuban PhD in Sciences, Maria Eliana Lanio Ruiz, leads the University of Havana through four decades of outstanding results in teaching and the research was granted the prize due to its scientific work.

The aforementioned covered two important working fields in the Biology faculty: the teaching in the Biochemical and molecular Biology and the investigation.

Maria Eliana Lanio Ruiz pointed out that the main work is about teaching and it achieves over 35 graduations in that career. The majority of the graduates contribute to the nation's development of biotechnology, the biotechnology industry, as well as the work carried out in hospitals and other areas of the public health.

She also referred to her work at the Estudios de Proteina (Studies on Protein, literally) center of the Biology Faculty from the University of Havana and as its name explains the objective of the goal are the proteins from the structural and functional point of view.

"We are mainly working on proteins obtained from marine live organisms given we live on an island and surrounded by the sea; therefore, it is a fact having organisms that make rich the biodiversity and it is important to have bio-molecules of interest which have certain usefulness," she said.

"This is the center's scientific objective of work where we have worked all our life mainly since we began at the University, although the center was created later and through many previous ones, and that is to say, some researches in the Biochemistry department, hence, the abovementioned and local Studies on Proteins center was created with the postgraduate teaching course and the obtaining of the protein from marine organisms," she said.

"We are working in two proteins very similar mainly and they have certain action over the cells which are capable of causing certain responses by them when they interact," she said.

María Eliana Lanio Ruiz made clear that those cells interact with those proteins:

"This was studied by us and it was deeply studied through all the relation of its function or the effect that causes in cells and the structures of these proteins which are focused on the very likely application that might have those proteins for the benefit of the man."

She highlighted that as a result of these toxins. There are some projects that are being carried out in association with the local Molecular Immunology center due to this functional and structural study of the proteins.

"We verified that they have an immune-modulator effect, so it can increase the immune response against certain antigens and it is then a point of interest for both centers, and that is to say, the design of new platforms based on these proteins which might beget a future and related interest." She added.

"Carried out from the personal and professional point of view, I do think that I am felling satisfied given I could achieve what I was aspiring about, along my personal effort and the family's support."She pointed out.

About the significant prize, she said that it sums up an entire life of work and having achieved it means a high honor and new commitments. / By Teresa Valenzuela - Radio Rebelde / / Translated by Juan Carlos Caballero.

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