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Sugar Workers Day Marked in Cuba October 13
In October 13th, 1960 the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, showed up on TV and announced the nationalization of the 195 sugar mills then existing in the country.

The newly born Revolution dealt a harsh blow to those who made money from the sweat of sugar cane workers, who also fought for their rights vs the ill-treatment they were given before 1959, despite it was Cuba's main economic branch.

Starting October 13th, 1960, the workers of the Cuban Sugar Company rejoice at the fiesta, during which the work done is acknowledged.

Despite the country's sugar harvest underwent a drop during the called special period, today the workers from one of the country's main economic braches receive much praise for the effort done and their commitment to achieving higher goals.

The new season insight commits sugar workers to meet production plan with efficiency, and then meet the indicators needed in the industry and the agriculture, always going for reducing production costs.

Let's all wish that October 13th becomes a true fiesta for Cuban sugar workers; which also turns into a day for commitment and acknowledgment for those workers that bet making a better, more efficient and productive sugar campaign.

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