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Crime off Barbados Coasts, Grief for All Cuban
familiares victimas barbados f cubadebateThere are events hard to forget despite the lapse of time; today Cuba remembers one of the saddest moments of the country's history, when 39 years ago a plane from Cubana de Aviacion airline was hit by a mid-air blast, killing all people on board.

The morning of October the sixth, 1978 the flight 455 was supposed to take to Jamaica and later on to Havana the passengers and crew; but minutes after taking off Seawell airport, in Georgetown, the capital of Barbados, one blast after another one claimed the life of 73 people: 11 Guyana, five from North Korea and 57 Cubans, including the 24 Cuban fencing team of the junior category that had reached all the gold medals in the Central American and Caribbean tourney of that discipline, held in Venezuela.

The Crime of Barbados, as known in history, deeply moved the people, and specially the words Commander in Chief Fidel Castro said in October 15, 1976 at the farewell of the victims: "We cannot say that the sorrow is shared. The sorrow is multiplied. Millions of Cubans shed their tears today together with the dear ones of the victims of the abominable crime. And when an energetic and forceful people cry, injustice trembles!"

It was then that October the Sixth was officially instituted by the Cuban Council of State as the "Day of the Victims of State Terrorism," which is a way to evoke the crime that brought so much sorrow and pain.

The CIA did not pick on a military unit for the sabotage, not even a vessel of the Cuban Air Forces, but a civil plane with Cuban and foreign passengers, and sportspeople on board.

familiares victimas barbados cuba f cubadebateThat would be evidence enough to accuse the genocide stance by the aggressive neighbor, but before and after the Crime of Barbados there happened similar cases against defenceless people, let's just mention the Japanese martyr cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bombarded with US nuke bombs by the end of World War II, and the war of Vietnam.

Other victims could be included in the long list of crime against humanity committed by the White House, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and other invasions looking for oil and other natural resources.

The Crime of Barbados is today remembered in Cuba; the victims of the sabotage of the Cuban plane were premeditatedly killed by forces that today want to look before the eyes of the world as the paladins on the fight against terrorism, who are the bombardiers of defenceless people and go on training assassins and mercenaries.

Assassins like Luis Posadas Carriles and Orlando Bosch; the latter that died peacefully in the USA was never called on to testify before a courthouse, despite his aggression plans claimed the life of hundreds of Cubans for over 50 years, almost since the very start of the Cuban Revolution in January the first, 1959.

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