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Distress Causing Diets
dietas frutas vegetales f soyucubaThe thirst for losing weight in a very short time takes many people turn to highly strict diets and bet on using "magical" products, which far from bringing benefits to one's look, indeed cause much harm to health, as well as barely achieving temporary benefits.

It is good to say that for gaining and maintaining the ideal weight it should be based on solid and well studied scientific principles, which rely on well-balanced nutrition habits and the practice of exercises; which are significant in the eating-use relationship.

An adequate feeding is a very simple diet to go; you just have to include 50 percent of carbohydrates (flour, rice, legumes), 30 percent of fat (oils, soy beans, olives, corn germ) and 20 percent of proteins (milk and by-products, meat, and egg), which should be eaten in several meals in a day.

Today's obsession for reducing body weight is associated to the continuous bombarding of messages that "being thin means being attractive," repeated once and again by the media, what is taking many people feel they are "less significant" as they are judged by their physical appearance, not by values like being intelligent, creative, kind, funny or talented.

It is true that each individual is genetically born with an specific body shape, which goes with a given skeleton; that is why, there are three types of bodies: ectomorph (that is to say, thin or skinny, sort of Don Quixote), endomorph (fat like Sancho Panza) and mesomorph (in between both ectomorph and endomorph).

Myths and Realities on Diets

Each individual comes into a specific physical shape, hard to modify with diets and exercises; however, not completely impossible. In fact, it is feasible but always based on scientific bases to avoid causing harm to health. Unfortunately, many people follow strict and dangerous diets trying to imitate the male or female models shown by the media or street publicity, but also turning to an intense physical activity, by way of looking like them, especially if those models assert that they looked like "ordinary people" before going thru those diets and exercises, whose statuesque silhouette changed to good thanks to "benefits and effectiveness" of a given procedure to slim down a few pounds.

All that leads to the boom of systems which rather takes people to anguish and credibility, and a constant search for ways to change body shapes thru procedures that makes you believe you can achieve goals, supposedly easy and magical. Such deceiving procedures are often spread on the radio, the television and magazines for women, (and for men too these last years), which do it masked under a supposedly scientific base, but that indeed become a true affront to health.

Several Diets

Anything done to lose weight very fast, takes it back to the start, and as fast as it got lost, what might end up into troubles of the heart, blood pressure and vitamins deficiency.

Some of the following diets could be the most lethal ones for the health:

Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, whose plan is to achieve a metabolic state called ketosis. Ketosis is simply a normal metabolic process in which the body cells burn fragments of fats called ketones instead of glucose for fuel. Such a procedure leads to constipation, however, this diet only takes the patient to lose water and bulk muscle.

2- Dissociated diets, also known as the 'Hay diet' or 'food combining' takes followers across guidelines like never eating together certain food; therefore, quite hard to go, as humans are used to eating different types of food, as it is customary by peoples or nations.

3- Hypocaloric diets. It basically relies on eating not much energy food (carbohydrates and fats), what could cause health troubles like tiredness, tachycardia (heart beating troubles) and other heart troubles.

4- Vegetarian diet. All the food of animal origin is completely excluded, what might lead to lack of iron and proteins.

5- Crazy diets: Goers barely eat one food for two or three weeks, under the supposed will of "detoxifying" the body by burning fats; the diets of the grapefruit, rice, lemon and egg are included, which could drive to diarrhea and dehydration.

Non of those methods is effective because they just take you lose weight, which is gained as fast as it went away, and opposite to reality, they are very harmful to humans' organism.

If you insist on losing weight, the best thing to do is looking for the advice of a physician, may be the family doctor, an endocrinologist or a nutritionist, who are the experts to assess if a patient needs to really lose weight; if it is necessary, a medical team will devise the correct way to go, on feeding and exercises. In some cases they consider the need of prescribing some medication.

So far today there is no ideal method to lose weight with much success at all; science has proved that modifying feeding habits and practicing exercises are the best ways to achieve the desire results, because the medical science is the only one to provide the truth about food properties and the behavior of one's body. This is so far today the most effective consideration and the irrefutable truth on diets. Therefore, I urge you to take all this into consideration to avoid "street" diets that anguish and subdue their followers.

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