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Fidel Castro Ruz, a Revolutionary that Leads Ways
fidel castro f trabajadoresAny day linked to a Cuban by the name of Fidel Castro Ruz is filled with emotions in and outside the country, mainly for the follower of Jose Marti also trusted on "human improvement and virtue."
Evo Morales in Cuba to Celebrate Fidel Castro's Birthday
Photos of Fidel Castro at the Jose Marti Memorial

Cuban Rumba for Fidel Castro's 89th Birthday

He fought from different trenches like the stairs to the University of Havana, which saw him rise as a youth for fair causes, also in the Moncada garrison attack for hope, in the Granma yacht expedition inspired on the will of "being martyrs or free" by 1956, and the fight at the Sierra Maestra Mountains where the de Cuban Revolution was born.

Man's duty lies where he is more useful, a thought by Jose Marti that Fidel over exceeded in the most crucial times of the Cuban Revolution, like in April, 1961 by defending in person the Homeland threatened by the mercenary invasion by the Bay of Pigs, which was defeated in less than 72 hours.

Likewise, during the Missile Crisis he grew like a giant vs the imperialist blockade, as well as the continuous subversive plans perpetrated by counterrevolutionary gangs that follow CIA orders.

He managed to evade ambushes and attacks, and despite the enemy lies against him made no harm the integrity of a man that always stood in the front line, alongside with the people.

Fidel opened ways in July 26th, 1953 and later leading the Rebel Army in the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

Together with workers, farmers, intellectuals, students and all the people Cuba was declared territory free of illiteracy in 1961; then those who took light to the illiterate families asked the
leader in Havana, "Fidel, tell us what to do next / because we'll be always ready to meet duties."

And the Cuban people could repeat those heartfelt words, and asked the symbolic question to the man that was born in August 13, 1926 in Biran, who, despite almost turning nine decades he would know what to respond and how to lead Cubans through the paths of the Homeland, to defend it always.

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