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The magical properties of red wine.
Red wine is good for health, but moderate consumption is recommended. Photo: Archive
Red wine and its many properties have been talked about a lot and scientific studies claim that there are few drinks that accumulate as many qualities as this one, because it is said that with only one glass a day dissimilar ills of the human body are solved.

Antioxidant, which contributes to reduce obesity and overweight when aging, ideal to fight oral bacteria and to prevent dementia and degenerative diseases of the brain, are some of the benefits that are attributed to red wine.

Thus, although it has not been validated that it is a cancer fighter, it is said that one of its best properties is precisely the action exercised by resveratrol, a chemical rich in antioxidants that also helps fight cholesterol.

Abundant also in vitamin E, this drink helps to clean the blood, protecting the tissues of blood vessels, and, allegedly, a simple cup significantly increases cardiovascular health.

According to experts, the secret is to consume it in a moderate way, because alcohol itself is harmful to health; hence, it is recommended not to drink more than one drink daily.

When taken, endorphins are released, allowing the person to relax and enjoy the moment; Meanwhile, when combined with certain foods, the flavor of the food is further enhanced.

Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties it manages to prevent bacteria from adhering to the kidneys and optimizes, in turn, the filtering and purification of these organs.

Supplement and not a substitute for a good diet or physical exercise, it is said that it also reduces allergies, improves skin health, helps digestion and provides magnesium, lithium, calcium, potassium, iron.

Not in vain it is said that a glass of wine is equivalent to one hour of exercise, and although not all scientists reach a consensus on its true effect on the human body, some suggest that only "red" or red wine "counts".

To what extent this drink is effective or not, exquisite without a doubt, the truth is that its "magical" properties come essentially from resveratrol, which is found in this type of liquid by the grape and that in certain doses causes an increase in cerebral blood flow.

However, there is an eternal debate, and although there is talk of a glass of wine a day, other studies show that alcohol intake triples the risk of cancer of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus and breast, so, is it healthy end or not red wine?

Some doctors venture to say that a small glass of red wine daily is recommended after age 50, especially in women and unless contraindications, while white wine has the same positive effects as this one.

It is difficult to know where advertising begins and science is established, but its flavor encumbers many, and for some it is better to drink thinking that doing so is achieved rather than wrong, because his followers know that this cup can make the minus the heart.

(With information from the Cuban News Agency)

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