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Days with the smell of roast pork
Roast pork in Holguineras nights. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso=archieve?
These days you listen to friends and neighbors talking about what they will put on the table to say goodbye to the year, and are ready to dip into the yucca that is offered in the market, the black beans to make congrí or to give that point that leaves them "asleep" and ready to accompany with white rice and some good pork flakes and salad of lettuce and tomato

Others revitalize the recipe for fritters in syrup left by their grandmother or sweet of orange or grapefruit, so usual in these dates, because either by family habit, by centuries tradition that never languished or by that party spirit that characterizes those born on this island and makes overcome difficulties, the truth is that in each home the year is dismissed with a different food than the daily one.

Yes, because at the Cuban table, in correspondence with its possibilities, dinner of December 31 is placed with traditional products that make up the Creole menu, acquired in recent days to share with family and friends.

When almost 365 days of 2017 have almost gone, it is worth asking ourselves what will be the personal wishes that we will set for 2018.

The main thing is that, entrenched in our self-esteem, we aspire to new purposes, to higher goals that lead us to strive more, to struggle to reach what we so desire.

The pinch of optimism must be like the pepper granite that gives flavor to our life in the New Year.

Among the purposes for the year to come should not be missing from the smallest desire, which encompasses something spiritual, to that which involves a lot of dedication, for example in the investigative, intellectual or production and services sphere.

The phrase New Year, new life, in its widest sense, is very useful. This maximum can include from the renewal of the couple, the change for a job with better dividends, the conclusion of the professional preparation or the active labor life, the acquisition of an article for the home or even barter.

The New Year almost opens its doors, a new stage begins with its days, countless hours, minutes and seconds that we can take advantage of or waste.

For that reason it is worth remembering that time will go inexorably and your optimism, perseverance and industriousness will depend a lot on what 2018 can hold for you.

They have the most experience that the first day of the year marks the path of the remaining 364. We must take care of the details in dress, when serving the table, with tablecloth, cutlery, candles, flowers, in short, with that makes us feel more comfortable and with that aesthetic touch so necessary.

December 31 not only represents a day to express or think about the wishes for the new stage, it is also valid to express solidarity, respect, affection towards others, because this way we will feel better people.

With information of María Elena Balán Sainz (ACN)

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