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All the love for a smile
Mileydis Alana, educator for more than 20 years at the nursery school children   Pequeños Proletarios of the city of Holguín. Photo : Betsy Segura Oro
For her there is no better gift than the smile of the little ones she receives in her every morning in her nursery school children Pequeños Proletarios of the city of Holguín. Her name is Mileydis Alana, but for the goblins and princesses of the third room, it is simply summed up in a word of love: “Seño”

With more than 20 years of experience, Mileydis is one of the many educators from Holguin that we honor in this day, which will run until December 22nd.

How many years of experience do you have in this beautiful but not easy task of educating in a nursery school?

There are already 21 years of work that I accumulate and although the song says that 20 years are nothing to me, it is a life consecrated to this beautiful profession to which I have devoted all the love that I profess for education.

It is spoken of the vocation, of the tenderness but what are the characteristics that in your criterion a person who works with children of these ages should never miss?

As you say you should not miss excessive love, love for what you do and when there are some material difficulties, delivery, and dedication to that child that we receive early in the morning and spend a good part of their day together to us. In short, they are our world and therefore we must love and care for them.

For you, what was the most complicated thing in your working life as a nursery school educator?

I think it was not so complicated because I always like what I do, but I constantly improve myself and try to be better to pass on my knowledge to the children in my classroom.

With so many years of work although you are still young, you surely treasure memorable stories ...

Of course, for example, a while ago I visited a school in my community and I met a young music art instructor and when she came to me she called me "Seño", I did not recognize her but she did and she told me that I had taken care of her when she was just a six-month-old baby in what was the nursery in nursery circles and in later years. She told me that she always remembered me with a lot of affection and that she thankes me for everything ... imagine my emotion at that moment. Stories like that happen to me all the time; it is because they are many years and many children.

What would be your advice for those young people, who sometimes do not opt for a pedagogical career out of fear or ignorance?

That we should not fear the unknown, it is true that the teacher's work is one of the most difficult but also the most comforting, because nothing has more value than that smile that a child gives you each morning or that word that tells you sweetly: "I love you very much".

There is no greater love than that professed by those men and women who give themselves to the noble profession of educating. That is why homage is never enough for those who, like Mileydis, give their lives to the teaching profession.

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