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Quintilio: a Silver-tongued Cuban with Many Things to Tell

calin quintilio-f-andres-ravelo-radiojuvenilCuban Quintilio Bermudez Cordero has the wisdom of having lived for more than a century. Today anecdotes come out his mouth like a spring, "Imagine that was hired to work in the construction of the country's man road, in the overpass in the town of Calixto, when Gerardo Machado was then the president; I remember we had to work very hard just for a few coins, but we had a family to feed."

A Centenarian by the Name of Rosa in Banes, Holguin

Quintilio, nicknamed Calin, was born in the town of Chaparra, in the present day province of Las Tunas, but went to live in today's municipality of Majibacoa at the age of 17, where he built a large family that loves him very much.

He is 104 years old and is much inclined to talking about his life, "I retired but I got tired of doing nothing, therefore, one day I began digging a well when I was 80 odd, I dug more than 100 wells, I went up and down myself on a rope."


Quintilio, or better say Calin, is s legendary man around Majibacoa; he is an honorable and very strict man, and fortunately passed on to his family such behavior, "Never in my life I've ever been fined, I gave no reason to along 104 years.


This centenarian man faced hard times, he remembers one day that "...before the triumph of the (Cuban) Revolution a soldier of the army of (Fulgencio) Batista stopped me on my way because some of Fidel's (Castro) men had burnt a place across from my house.


They took me wrong, but later I felt happy about the action by the revolutionaries because the government soldiers used to commit crimes and abuses."


Quintilio agrees that having lived for so many years is the direct result of having fed well, with a balances diet, and hard work, "I eat every thing, at the right time, pork, beef, fruits, salad and have rum once in a while, and I can dance as in my younger years. I'm strong enough to go on fighting for life and defending this government that has done for the people like no other did; I'm not interested on stories, I know things because I've lived so many years. If anyone comes trying to deceive me I tell'em not to give me six for nine. I know about life here like few. / Source: Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.



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