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Aware on the Meaning of the Word Human?

bomba-de-racimo-sobre-gaza-f-cubadebateSince I was a girl I've been listening to people using terms like human, humanity, human rights; but the more I hear them, I get to understand the human race less every new day, because despite boasting of the privilidge of being wise, more intelligent than all other creatures on Earth, its behavior goes against reason. Is it that it doesn't really know the true sense of the term human?


The horror humankind lives today goes away from the the condition of being civilized beings; however, the difference between yesterday and nowadays relies on the use of the sofisticated armaments only, because unfortunately barbarism has survived in men since they showed up.


We can not forget the horrors of wars in the ancient times, the galdiators' fights just to please the ruling class, the sacrifices to warhsip deities, and so many other crimes.


People's human nature should go with their hebavior on Earth, in every action, gesture, conduct, if they want to be yet called the superior race; kindness and the need of helping should be intrinsic things to men, they should be free from selfishness, ambition and geophagus goals, which are destroying the Earth today.


protestas-racismo-f-plI just ask myself if the killing of Palestinians and the massacres against other nations is a human behavior? Was the launching of the World Wars I and II humanlike? And is the waging of conflicts and deadly wars proper to the wise human beings?


And when I talk of destroyed cities, I have to talk of claimed lives, without excluding the guilty ones, not to mention the innocent ones that barely got to see the stars at night and the sun shining.


Thousands of people have been killed in wars waged by this race that calles itself human, humanitarian, generous. The war wagers are guilty for the millions of homeless people, without clothe or medicines to take, or hungry and suffering the loss of the dear ones.


Killing defenseless people is not precisely being charitable; neither destroying their houses, schools, clinics... just to show up you have the power of guns, which serves for nothings in the end.


ebola-f-achivoThere are no words to describe men's cruelty against their peers, notwithstanding it is civilized. Or, is it not? It's a contradiction because they are learnt, but unfortuantely demoniac beings that forget what the human feeling is.


Clinged to that way of saying, humankind turns into an alien thing; but we all should stick to defending the world, for us and tomorrow, because the future generations are entitled with that right too.


The world is constantly changing, and as a monolitic unit, it hits everyone, for good or for bad. Matter gets transformed, but every reaction alters its components, reasons that hold the theory that any day, at any time, the balance that maintains it can break down. Therefore, let's not speed up the start of the end, it suits noone.



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