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Some Advise to Start a New and Brighter Day
Exercises pratice necessary for at sound lifre style. Photo: cubadeportes

The world said bye to 2016 barely a month ago. Celebrations are already part of our memories, but it is good to praise life, which is a divine present. That is why, I would like to share some pieces of advice to make every new day a great happening, as we very well know that we do today might impact tomorrow.

Today's knowledge leads to integration of scopes and knowledge, some of which point at human existence. Sadly, there is some undeserved criticism on philosophical and psychological schools that hinders finding out their positive contributions. We see people that meet an amazing emotional balance thru alien roads, different to ours, but effective for them.

For example, Metaphysics says that thoughts are energy. And that energy comes out our minds through vibrations, waves, which by grace of the Law of Rhythm return to us bringing the future of ours. The future is analog to what we have planted.

In the book Metafisica al alcance de todos (Methaphysics at Everyone's Reach) Conny Mendez says: "How could some people believe they may remain unpunished despite being cruel, slanderous, bad-tempered, violent, mean and still hope to enjoy health, love, fortune, happiness; that is to say, all the good things in life, if they only plant evil things?"

If you criticize, you will be criticized in turn; if you cause harm, you will be harmed too; if you are unfair, injustice will get back to you. Those causes, if planted, you will collect them in return. If you sow discord, without a doubt you will pick up discord; if you sow kindness, love and aid, those are the things you will collect in the end.

There are other forms of thought. For example, the mentalists say: "You have thought it over, you have believed it, and you have created it." Such approach brings back to me the cognitive therapy that states that the largest majority of our emotional discomfort and frustrations are closely linked to what we think of, the ideas and believes we keep on the way things should happen.

Some time ago I read the Nº 41 release of the magazine Revista Crecimiento Interior (1998), in which I read some advice to start a new day, written by Dr. Dino Ricardo Deon. You may take them to go on making the good day that has just begun, and then get around hardships, thus help you become a better person and y favor you emotional balance. Next I share them with you.

What you do home before leaving out for social life embodies a great significance. That is why, leaving out with a negative or positive energy might make the difference between "losing or gaining a day." The suggestions given next may help you, thus, you could profit from them.

- Try to wake up without the clock striking at a given time. You just have to open your eyes, feeling happy for a new day. Before going to bed the night before, set the time you want to wake up. If you are used to following an alarm clock try to do it before the clock strikes, at least five minutes earlier. That will help you live a more pleasant day because being back from bed will make you do it aware of your strengths.

- Get up at daybreak, the energies on Earth before the Sun rises are vital for an energetic body of yours that suffer if living out of phase from the Sun.

- Get rid of laziness while still on bed. Stretch out your arms and legs, give out a sound, etc.

- Once out of bed have a glass of water; it is a good practice that your organs will deeply appreciate so.

- Take a shower, which will clean the energetic body and will prepare it for the new day.

- Have breakfast peacefully. If you are running out of time right since breakfast, it is that you are not properly devising your day.

- In the meantime you are about to leave listen to some harmonious music, may be classical music.

- Take a time to read a book on some positive content by classical authors, or a book on spiritual things.

- Be aware on the clothes and their colors when you are getting dressed. Get yourself ready for the new day and you make it great.

- Bear in mind very clearly what is "today's most important task." Try to do it before any other one. Don't get exhausted doing earlier what is considered urgent because you my later run out of time or would be tired to do the important thing.

- Make a written blueprint of the tasks of the day. If possible, include any you have put off but that would be positive to do it today. Don't include tasks you will be unable to meet. At night, when you have done them all, you will feel relieved.

- Before leaving for work make a mental plan of the day under positive energy. Just think your situation is being solved favorably.

- To make your body and soul harmonious, resort to meditation at least for ten minutes before leaving for work. If you are not trained on meditation techniques, simply do breathing exercises for a few minutes.

- Be aware on the position of your body. It is common sense that mind and body mutually influence on each other, there is a reciprocal feeing. That is why; walking out showing a winning position would lead to the door of success.

If you think that these suggestions will make you waste your time, just think that the positive results of a day depend to a extent to the time devoted to working, as the actions scheduled for the new day. / By Israel Manuel Fagundo Pino.

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