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Venezuela Publishes Works Dedicated to Fidel Castro
Daer Pozo Ramirez. Photo: Radio Juvenil
Words announce and denounce, but facts confirm; that is why the strength of those who make the verb an act that gets multiplied into millions. That is how Holguin writer Daer Pozo Ramirez started a text just published by a Venezuelan magazine.

Pozo Ramirez wrote Una pagina para Fidel (A Page to Fidel) after the passing of the Comandante en Jefe, which was chosen by Venezuelan editing foundation El perro y la rana.

The work by the also poet and producer from Radio Juvenil was included in the publication together with a series of works by Hispanic American authors, among them six writers the Cuban provinces of Pinar del Rio, Granma, Havana, Villa Clara, Las Tunas and Holguin.

Pozo Ramirez gives prestige to the province of Holguin with the work titled Hechos (Facts).

In fact, Pozo Ramirez wanted to show in his work how Fidel Castro's words turned into facts all along his life as a revolutionary.

Through the text, the also member of the National Association of Cuban Artists and Writers (Uneac) meant standing out the work of the undefeated leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Translation of the text by Daer Pozo Ramirez:

Words announce and denounce, but facts confirm; that is why the strength of those who make the verb an act that gets multiplied into millions.

The usefulness of serving, the usefulness of the guides that save humanity from chaos. There relies the strength, the starter motor, constant speed, and the courage of assuming the challenge of being continuity and fusion o the others that opened the way with the strength of the travelers, the vertebrate Quixotes of reason of meeting on the way the luck of the ones who await and receive, of those who give and breath the huge clarity of the good ones. Suddenly it is the fortune of the walker, at quick march, inside the loyalty of a voice, that becomes a permanent choir, a choir of many people, who wait for the sirens of the machine of time, but the hope is bunch, nest of fireflies, of white flowers in the hands of a mother. And the bearer of the sound of the guamo (sea nail) magnetize the march from the forge of the rational thing and intelligence up to the prayer of the great-great-grandfather, a shaman reluctant to inertia who knows that the fury of spring will be the hero's will.

Those who know how to inoculate glory to simple thing, endowed with the skill of weaving the deserved landscape and do it from the spiritual upbringing of creatures, who have the virtue of light, that is why the need of the illuminated ones, of the beings that serve millions and give back light to their eyes, thanks to their capacity of forging the shared happiness. There lies the service of the lookout, who pays attention to pain and assume the mission of saving. It is that the illuminated ones have the strength of tenacity and whatever it takes, they never give up, that is why the clarity of the ones wearing boots and the mercy of flowing others, of beating death, if necessary, and even jump into the future from the open smile of a child.

Cuba has had many illuminated being along history: Varela, the humble Father Varela, who taught together with other wise beings of his time to think; Marti, who assumed Varela's legacy and brought together all the forces to fight, to fight always; and Fidel, from the ascension to the generous altar of the heritage of the homeland, knew how to instruct the people, his people and his followers across the world, to win, to always win. / By Ordey Diaz Escalona – Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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