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The virtue of being a father

Holguinero doctor Joel Escalona Fernández holds his daughter in his arms after returning from his contribution to the fight against Ebola in Africa. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso (Archive)
In Cuba, the third Sunday of June was adopted to pay homage to those who, beyond a mere process of biological fecundation, in one way or another, also fertilize souls and character day by day.

Happy day for my children

Friendship. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso (Archive)
How many times of children do we dream of being adults and putting on high heels, painting our lips and going out to work as mom or dad, however as adults we yearn for the childhood years as a stage where there is no more worry than being happy.

She and the best of me

 Painting by Oswaldo Guayasamín
We met a long time ago, 28 years to be exact. It was an unexpected but definitely unique encounter. She was not looking for anything and I was lost between the cosmos and the eternal. Like any discovery, there were fears, misunderstandings, and difficult decisions to make.

Yellow butterflies for the Gabo

Gabriel García Marquez. Photo: Paul Sedra (Flickr-Creative Commons- Archieve)
I remember that I came to his work too young, barely a girl, but from the first page I knew there was no turning back. I devoured each one of the letters of that book as if it were my life and I suffered with Cayetano Delaura the injustice committed against Servant Maria of all the Angels. "The human body is not made for the years one could live," said one of the characters in "Del amor y otros demonios", and that April 17, 2014 I knew it was true. The Gabo had died ...