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Fidel Castro Ruz Will Take Shape in Us

I do not remember a day without a smile in Cuba. I was a child during the 1990's when there were barely a few hours of electricity a day, and food and clothing and much more was scarce. In the nights of the blackouts, I was entertained with stories about my mother's family or her own versions of the classics. And, when the heat was unbearable, I would go out to play hide and seek, and catch fireflies.

I Am Fidel!

Girl in Holguin wrote on the forehead Yo Soy Fidel. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
People sometimes massively cry sentences, as it has happened after the passing of Fidel Castro Ruz, that all across Cuba they have been crying "Yo Soy Fidel" (I Am Fidel); but this time they have assumed it deep within the heart, and like me, we say it out loud because the Comandante en Jefe and his solid prints will remain in us as a continuity for the Cuban Revolution that he conducted.
Cuban Woman Saw Fidel Castro in Two Caravans
Holguin’s Tribute to Fidel, its Most Celebrated Son

Fidel Castro Ruz, the Undefeated Leader Forever After

Youngsters from Holguin province to the political act to honor Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba. Photo: Lisandra Cardosog
The sentence "With Fidel, Fidel, hasta la Victoria Siempre!" uttered by Army General Raul Castro Ruz in the massive act held Santiago de Cuba in tribute to the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, illustrated the Cuban people's will of supporting and defending the construction of socialism in the country.