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Section Specials

The Story of a 26

Fidel Castro and some of fighting mates at the Moncada Garrison Attac. Photo: archieve
With the blood of my dead brothers, I write this document. They are the only motive that inspires it. More than freedom and life itself for us, we ask for justice for them. Thus Fidel Castro would write in his Manifesto to the Nation (Isle of Pines, Dec. 1952) referring to the massacre carried out by the Batista tyranny after the assault at the Moncada Garrison.

Tacajo: A Sedition of Holguin Combatants?

Mambises. Photo: radio Juvenil(archive)
In early 1869 in a place of today’s Cuban province of Holguin there happened an event that has called the attention of historians: the Mutiny of Tacajo as known in history; which has been seen from different scopes.