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Section Point of View

Why US Blockade on Cuba and not an Embargo?

The measures adopted against Cuba by the United States government do not fall within the category of "embargo." On the contrary, they go beyond this definition to represent a "blockade," on seeking to persecute, isolate, suffocate and immobilize Cuba, with the aim of suffocating its people and forcing them to renounce their decision to be sovereign and independent. These are all fundamental elements of the concept of a "blockade," which means to cut or close off a nation to the outside world, in order to isolate and oblige the besieged country to surrender by force or starvation.

Human Traffiking, 21st Century Slavery

Melissa was barley 12 years old when she was sold to traffickers by a family member. She was chained to a bed in a cellar and abused daily by between five and 30 men. She was beaten and even burned by her captors.