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Water Saving, an Alternative for Holguin vs Drought

cacoyuguin punto muerto f mvaldesThe drought now hitting Holguin and several other Cuban provinces takes the country to a really complicated situation, where measures have been taken to lessen its havocs; in the above mentioned northeastern jurisdiction some 54 thousand people are directly suffering its disturbing effects, mostly for the unsteady behavior of the rains and the high temperatures reported these last months.

Cuba and U.S. Should Join More Proper Diplomacy

usa cubaThe Cuban flag was raised on July 20th for the first time in over half a century at what was once again be the site of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba to the United States of America. On that same day normal diplomatic activities began across the Florida Straights at the reinstated Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Cuba, according to an editorial by the The Huffington Post.

Children, Leisure and Addiction

plan vacional abg 06Do you know how long your children spend in front of the TV? Do you know what happens to a child or teenager when they spend hours in front of the TV or computer and how this makes an influence in their personal and social development? Risks or benefits?