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US Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade of Cuba, in Full Force

Cuba and the US still going a long way on bilateral relations. Photo: Cuba.cu
The decision announced 17 December 2015 by President Raul Castro Ruz and President Barack Obama on re-establishing diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba marked the start of an intense and complex process, showing unprecedented results in the history of bilateral relations such as the re-establishment of diplomatic relations and the re-opening of embassies in both capitals.
Cuba-USA: New Steps in Bilateral Relations Agreed
Cuba-U.S. Normalization YES, Subordination NO

The "Good" Obama? Approach by Granma Reporter

Like many others, I followed the visit by Barack Obama to our country and experienced mixed feelings: on the one hand, the healthy patriotic and revolutionary pride of witnessing a U.S. president rectifying the policy toward Cuba and repeating on our own soil that the blockade must be ended, reaffirming respect for our sovereignty and independence, which we Cubans have earned with our sacrifice, our sweat, our blood, our history; and on the other hand, the danger posed by those who believe that with these lukewarm changes, the contradiction between the interests of U.S. imperialism and the Cuban nation has disappeared. But it was only after listening to his speech that Tuesday morning that I decided to write this, because, as Fidel warned over half a century ago, from now on everything will be more difficult.

Central America: The Route of Broken Dreams

The extensive coverage given by the corporate media to the situation of several thousand Cubans in Costa Rica, with clear political intentions, contrasts sharply with their silence regarding the daily struggles of hundreds of thousands of migrants from Central and South America, who use this same route to reach at the United States.