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Section Point of View

World Learning for Cuba: The Nets of a Seducing Opportunity

Youths protest in Holguin against World Learning. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
Studying in another country is an attractive idea for any youth. If the program helps you become a successful person, the idea is much more seducing. That is the case of the programs offered by the US NOG World Learning, which runs the activity on Cuba, in tune with the normalization of relations between the USA and this Caribbean nation.
US Subversive Schemes Students Reject in Baguano, Holguin

Popular Consultation to Improve and Secure Cuba's Future

Banner of the 7th Congress of the Communist party of Cuba. Photo: Granma
The documents that came out of the 7th Cuban Communist Party Congress will be discussed among the population across the country until September 20th which marks a very important moment in the nation's future requiring the effort and commitment of millions of people.