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Good to Grow Old, Why Not?
People sometimes question other persons' topics of conversation, unaware on the fact that age is a like a school which teaches you much, gives such experience that they can sometimes exceed academic learning... as life is a consecution or a staged alternation that enriches you every day, and as long as you can live.
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Of course I admire eminent personalities of psychology who deserve much praising, whose research has planted fertile ground for life and science, but everyday experience can not be disdained.

We could be fine today, but not tomorrow; we could be feeling fine today but our health could worsen out of clear sky; we could be rich and lose much the following day; and in-between being fine or not, of being up or down, make us feel the way we do, in accordance with life and everyday events.

And it is that life becomes a balance that takes you fit in to every situation; as a child, you live in sort of a bubble that protects your mind from getting acquainted of life hardships; as a youth you learn to grow up and live life intensively, with that determination of changing everything; and even diverting, if not well oriented.

In life there are duties to be never put off: studying, falling in love, working, resting, and doing what you have to according to your age, which will become enduring memories.

One good thing to go is never jumping out stages; a child should do what goes with age, as so should do a teenager, who, for example, can not build a family if many things are yet to be done, like making a career, having a job, and living the charms of life before you take on bigger tasks.

We should as well keep away the thoughts that cause much harm to you; the negative side of life won't help you build a sound life.

Men's way of thinking changes with the passing of time and it the school of life which paves the way to meet such a goal.

If our hair is going grey, you need not start crying, and if our skin is losing its smooth touch as in the younger years, don't start complaining; every new sing you are getting old means you have made you way along the career of life.

It means you are luckier than the others who parted earlier. It is the time to say it is good to grow old, why not!

As we can see in brief, life is a complex road we should learn to walk along; but it is good to approach it in its full length, betting on the positive side, it is like finding the hidden face but striving for the win, despite ups and downs.

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