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Cuba, USA: Re-Establishment of Diplomatic Relations
josefina vidal f cubasiIt has almost been six months since Presidents Raul Castro Ruz and Barack Obama announced the decision of restoring the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA, and even though there are some people who say that the process seems to be slow, the experts state there have been progress, especially, if we take into account that the bilateral links between both countries have remained broken for over half a century.
Obama's Cuba Policy the US House Trying to Block

According to the Josefina Vidal, who is the local general director for the United States from the Cuban foreign ministry: "Since January to date, both sides have held bilateral dialogues based on respect and professionalism. "

In both nations, as well as in the region and the world, there are many people who are waiting for the occasion when both flags will be raised in both embassies from Washington and Havana city as it would certainly mean a historical occasion for the international relations, particularly to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nevertheless, that step would be only the beginning of a much long and complex stage.

Wayne Smith, who is the former U.S. diplomat and chief of the U.S. Interest Section Office in Havana city from 1979 to 1982, reiterates his optimistic position in favor of a related approach and the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between both nations.

Peter Kornbluh, on his part, who is the analyst from the U.S. Archive National Security that is the author of the book entitled ´Secrets Channels towards Cuba. The hidden history of the negotiations between Washington and Havana 'pointed out that despite the disagreements about different issues both nations could treat themselves as equals in a civilized way.

Julia Sweig who is an U.S. academic and analysts considers that watching the future in the upcoming 18 months, which is the period when Obama concludes its terms, should be used to create some political, economic and diplomatic actions, along with the public opinion as they would prevent a new President from reverting all have been achieved in terms of the diplomatic relations with Cuba, thus far.

Cuba and the United States are advancing towards the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies; however, no one can confuse the process of re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the normalization of those relations which is a longer and more difficult process. / By Angelica Paredes Lopez - Radio Rebelde / Translated by Juan Carlos Caballero.

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