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Economic Contract, a Pending Subject in Holguin Business

yamarex confecciones f aldia.cuIn economies like Cuba's the companies are interrelated because they should respond to the country's interests, not to individuals alone. Goods and services should go in accordance with the needs of society, not the market's; despite they strive for competitiveness and excellence. For that reason, links are regulated through economic contracts, which might go with supplies, service rendering, and sale-purchase or of any other type.

In Holguin, nevertheless, such legal regulation is yet in trouble, as admitted by the local Controllary. That's to say, that all the structures, companies, budgeted units, and economic base units are working without having signed a contract, as for the most part it's not an administration tool.

There are several problems on such a sense, one of them never presenting the forms, no renewal of the contracts without even revising clauses and terms, which might change, thus the need of going over them again to renegotiate update


While making a contract, any of the parties should bet on one or more clauses aimed at readjusting it before it expires, of course if they both agree or not.


No doubt the two parties should follow the regulations, and even warn on any future happening; take for example a wrong procedure when planning incomes last 2013 from the Holguin-Havana train, which ceased to go for several years now.


The truth is that the Cuban Railways Company thought of importing cars for the Holguin-Havana train, but the suppliers never informed on the troubles caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba by the USA for several years now which prevented such purchase.


In 1980's and 1990's, the state arbitration as a juridical mechanism aimed at resolving differences or conflicts in the contractual relations among companies worked in Cuba; maybe some day it can make a come back, of course under another scope, because it proved to be useful.


In my opinion, the business relation among businesspeople in the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin is yet a pending subject. Therefore, I will be attentive to the ninth National Internal Control (by the end of October and end by November this year), which will allow specialists check on the accomplishment of the Resolution 60 of 2011, which includes the use of the economic contract.



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