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Agriculture – Cattle Raising, Yet to Settle in Holguin

bean velasco holguin cuba abgProduction in agriculture and cattle raising has been moving forward in the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin these last years, however, it is to settle in order to meet the people's need, and sadly, there is a long way to go yet.

Based on the political, economic and social guidelines of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), passed on the Sixth PCC Congress, the country is working on those lines despite the objective and subjective hardships caused by the economic situation it is going through.

If we take into account such a situation, agriculture and cattle raising are unable to make higher jumps; however, if measures are taken to organize things, by keeping control on production and demanding discipline in every field, putting science and technology at the service of production, the country can make things better.


In fact, getting to know the so many dissatisfactions by land toilers and cattle raisers would be a good start.


Next, they should have production forces devise strategies and make viable plans that would meet the population's needs, by getting to supply the markets with food, as demanded by the people.


In Holguin province there are today hundreds of cooperatives of different types that are supposed to meet the people's feeding needs; however, not all of them make the land produce despite the natural conditions and the resources at their reach.


I know there are some cooperatives with a good work, like the "26 de Julio" in the municipality of Banes and run by seasoned Alfredo Guerrero Laffita; the "Camilo Cienfuegos" in the municipality of Gibara, which one of the entities with the best production of beans; there are others, but they are two good examples indeed.


Sadly, the list of cooperatives with a less fortunate work is longer. That should lead to thinking about the unfavorable situation today and give more importance to the human capital in its zeal of meeting with its assignment for society: supplying with food the local market.


There should come a day that one goes to the market and can buy vegetables, fruits, milk, meet, grains or any thing that the land can produce, but at affordable prices – the difference today. All what would allow the people enjoy a well balanced diet tat would mean sound health and quality of life. In my opinion, we can do it because when there is a will, there is a way.



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