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Human Rights in Cuba: Foundations of its Freedom

colmenita abg56Cuba calls the attention when dealing with human rights. In one side by those who state they are violated in the Caribbean nation while a largest majority bets it is no true. Be enough for any foreign visitor when arriving in the country to draw conclusions, because despite it is blockaded by the US government and being unfairly included in the list of terrorism supporting states.

Human Rights Day Marked in Cuba

Cuba: A True Example of Respect to Human Rights

Despite its truth is not always known in all parts of the world, Cuba doesn't remain silent on such a fact and defends people's rights in everyway. But sadly Google showed poor awareness on Human Rights in Cuba, or never says the truth. I mean it because I live in Cuba, feel for Cuba and write for Cuba.

One of the biggest efforts by the UN since 1945 has been boosting and protecting human rights. The goal was banning the horrors of World War II. Three years later, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN General Assembly said that the respect to human rights the dignity of all human being are foundations for freedom, justice and peace in the world.


Later in 1950, the UN General Assembly urged all state members and organizations interested on the issue to observe every December 10 as the Human Rights Day. As time went by several instruments and mechanisms have been devised to secure the core of Human Rights and face violations any where.


To people's joy Human Rights deepened in Cuba after the Cuban Revolution seized power in 1959, mainly because the State watches their essence: the growth and guarantee of the population's main rights like health, education, sports and culture.


For such a reason I feel so proud that my country, that one the world reactionary media and other evil ones that hate the Cuban Revolution, don't cease to criticize it, and every tome get disappointed at Cuba's achievements in health, with an birth rate of 4,2 per a thousand life birth, equal to some developed nation.


Cuba boasts of its life span of 78,45; 80,45 for women and 76.5 for men, thus included in the 25 percent of the world population that can live up to 77 or even over that age.


The vaccination programs implemented to protect children against 13 diseases, and that nine ones have been eradicated, talk by itself of Human Rights. And primary health care by doctors and nurses in the neighborhoods have allowed people enjoy comprehensive health care at everyone's reach.


And education that reaches every place, rural communities or towns, to allow no chid miss school; which are endowed with TV-Video lessons to improve learning, as well as PCs and many other teaching media handled by well trained teachers.


This is juts part of my arguments to leave readers make their own guess, and if your opinions defer from mine, I respect them, but I tell you this work is not enough to put in words how much Cuba respects human rights, not alone on Human Rights Day, but all the year round, as they are highly prioritized.


If any one dare to say there is no freedom, I may ask them that I have a child, well fed and cared, loved by all of us in the family, therefore, if they insist on denying these achievements, it is because they are blind, and not precisely visually impaired.



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