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World Learning for Cuba: The Nets of a Seducing Opportunity
Youths protest in Holguin against World Learning. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
Studying in another country is an attractive idea for any youth. If the program helps you become a successful person, the idea is much more seducing. That is the case of the programs offered by the US NOG World Learning, which runs the activity on Cuba, in tune with the normalization of relations between the USA and this Caribbean nation.
US Subversive Schemes Students Reject in Baguano, Holguin

The Summer Program for Cuban youths is designed for those young persons to develop useful skills like addressing an audience, team work, negotiation, consensus promotion, conflicts resolving, defending one's rights, and problem solving. It is indeed a great opportunity to boost one's personal development and also get trained to influence in the contexts they are living or working.

ipu jesus menendez lisandra3Up to here, all seems to be filled with good intentions if it were not for the questions coming from the World Learning program for Cuba, done illegally without the government's consent, the way they recruit young people, and the origin of the money to budget the programs and their true goal.

The Summer Program for Cuban youths was put into practice without the consent and knowledge of the country's authorities, and without the registration of the NGO as other organizations and institutions today working in Cuba. If World Learning has offices in more than 80 countries, why not an office in Cuba?

World Learning

Any organization with serious and good intentions appoint legal representatives and executives in charge of coordinating projects and work for the parties to receive the corresponding benefits. Then, why World Learning uses US visitors and from other countries to make contact with Cuban youths?

One of its many paradoxes of World Learning and its program for Cuba is the origin of the money. To go on with the projects, they are budgeted by the USAID, an institution in charge of distributing across the world the largest majority of the non military aid.

ipu jose varona denuncia estudiantil lisandra3The work of the USAID with its subversive and interference projects on Cuba is very well known, despite violating the law and international agreements.
Also, the USAID operations are very close to the bills Torricelli (1992) and Helms–Burton(1996), which keep the US economic and financial blockade on Cuba since 1961.

This procedure by World Learning is a negative interference in the process of normalization of the US- Cuba relations. It is also an open attempt to manipulate teens aged from 16 to 18. Across the world, any crime on minors would be punished.

Before such a wave of provocation teens and youths from the province of Holguin have joined the country's drive to denounce and protest against the US political and ideological subversion on Cuba.

Seventeen year old Anis Maria Hernandez said, "in our country education is free of charge, and top quality; that is why, we don't need training in any other country. Anyway, I believe it's good to have exchanges with other countries to get to know one another. We get to know of their cultura, as they also have the chance of knowing us. Exchanges maybe good, but if legally done."

"We oppose that program because it's ilegal. It was implemented without Cuba's consent; it things were done legally things would have been different because we believe exchanges are profitable for students but always respecting our ideology," said 17 year old Daina Hernandez Salermo.

ipu jose varona denuncia estudiantil lisandra5Cuban youths are active agents in the transformations taking place in the community and supporting schools, like 17 year old Amanda Miguel Cabrera who said, "Studying at the Enrique Jose Varona senior high school is a joy and a pride. We were given the award
Premio del Barrio for our close link with the community and the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR). We were backed up by the CDR and we support them in turn in many ways, like cleaning works.

Five students from Holguin province participated in the 2015 and 2016 summer courses for Cuban youths given by the US NGO World Learning. Today, to avoid that other youths fall into the hands of such seducing but deceiving proposal, more than 25 thousand youths from Holguin province have been denouncing the interventionist plans and protesting against US subversion against Cuba.

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  • William Read

    It seems that World Learning has by-passed the usual arrangements for developing new links between the USA and Cuba... what have they got to hide? Let Radio Angulo interview the 5 Holguin students who went on the programme last year, and see what they say about their experience.