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Holguin Swine Company Keeps Recovering Production
Pigs breeding in Cuba. Photo: Granma
The workers of the Swine Company from the north-eastern Cuban province of Holguin exceeded their 2015 production plan: 1,600 tons of meat foreseen in their state commission.
Camaguey Swine Company Meets 2015 State Plan

Engineer Gerardo Capote Pupo, who runs the Holguin Swine Company, of the Grupor National Group, said the year's plan will be overstepped with other 700 tons. Such amount will be supplied to the industry.

The Provincial Company has 400 deals with swine entities and private breeders.

Production by the Holguin Swine Company goes in two ways: firstly entity breeds the pigs until the pre-fattening stage; then they are sold to cooperative farms or private breeders, to later buy them when they reach at 85 kilograms or over.

For two years now, the Holguin Swine Company has exceeded the historic record of 9,600 tones, dating back 1989.
Anyway, prices are too high and yet fail to meet the people's expectations.

The perspectives in the province are reaching 20 thousand tons in the next five years to come in the 14 municipalities; but the most significant jump will take place in Cueto, Mayari and Moa. / By Jorge Quevedo Ocampo – Al Dia / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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