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Cuban Five Ramón Labañino Visits Schools in Holguin
As part of the tour across the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin, terrorism fighter Ramon Labañino Salazar, accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Palmeriro, visited "Cira Maria Garcia" school and "Luz Palomares" senior high school, where he shred for about two hours with students awaiting for the arrival of this special visitor.
Cuban Antiterrorist Heroes Warmly Welcomed in Holguin

Children and youth asked him about future plans, the conditions in prison, the meeting with the family, the happiest and saddest moments in his life, the feeling of the hero, his love for Cuba and the meeting held with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

Ramon recalled his years as a student, spoke of the family, told his stories, acknowledged the support of the Cuban people and friends around the world who joined the cause for their release, and specially thanked children and young people for the letters received during 16 years.

He spoke of the first days in U.S. prison, food, treatment, his stay in the hole, family visits and sad farewells, but these stories are already part of the past. Now, Ramon enjoys the present moment and makes future plans with his family.

Labañino also spoke of his three daughters and his wife and said the happiest moment of his life was when they saw the rising sun together. "When I left, my daughters were just little girls, but I already found three women when I returned," he added.

Ramon said he liked the Cuba of today and urged the new generations to preserve our socialist system and not be fooled by "the siren song" coming from the United States. "They have not changed their goals," he warned.

He spoke a little of everything. He dazzled the audience with his stories, which are also the stories of René, Fernando, Antonio and Gerardo. He considers that the real heroes are the relatives of the Five and the Cuban people.

When speaking of the meeting of the Five with the historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro, Ramon recalled the question that broke the ice of that memorable conversation. "Fidel asked: Were there a lot of mosquitoes in prison? From there we began to talk about the economy, environment and other topics of interest."

Ramon said that before leaving Fidel's house he asked how they could be more useful to the homeland and Fidel answered that they could be scientists. That was also the message of the Hero of the Republic of Cuba to the children and young people gathered. "Always seek excellence," he said.

On the exchange with Holguin students, Ramon said "The meeting with the children and young people is the most tender and deep moment. As Marti said, the children can not lie, so we will take that immense affection, commitment and responsibility to live up to what they and our people expect from us. "

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