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Cuban Antiterrorist Heroes Warmly Welcomed in Holguin
A river of people packed the amphitheater at the base of the hill Loma de la Cruz in Holguin to make come true a long dream: having in this north-eastern city the men unfairly held in the USA for over 16 years, despite having opposed terrorism.
Cuban 5 Start Visit to Holguin December 30

- "Look, they're coming!" was everyone's cry when the Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, and true terrorism opposers, showed up.

The Five, as the world solidarity movement calls them, came to the political and cultural gala organized there accompanied by family members and top politic leaders in the province.

The Five: Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, Ramon Labañino Salazar, and Fernando Gonzalez Llort are there, while they are waiting for Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez to come from Russia and join the celebrations.

The start of the event was marked by the peoples' long standing ovation to the Heroes, and the welcoming words by Lupe Isabel Fernandez, who runs the Holguin province branch of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP).

Fernandez extolled the fighting spirit of Holguin people since Spanish colonial time, later the underground fight and the struggle for the return of kid Elian Gonzalez, and since 2005 the non stop fight for the release of the Cuban Five; thus Holguin becoming the capital of world solidarity for the liberation of the Cuban Five, by hosting nine international colloquiums with the participation of about 1,600 delegates from across the world.

The children company Ronda de los Sueños took to the stage the artistic show it presented in the Colloquiums and other sites where the struggle for the Cuban Five' release had made its way.

So also did singers and songwriters Eduardo Sosa and Pepe Ordaz (from Santiago de Cuba), who interpreted pieces dedicated to love reasons that make the Cuban people feel so proud, said Sosa.

Ronda de los Sueños and the composer of this children company presented the Heroes with CDs with songs dedicated to the struggle for their release.

Hero Ramon Labañino Zalazar was given a standing ovation when he addressed the audience on behalf of The Five.

He thanked the letters, poems and drawings children sent to them while in prison.

He also appreciated the media, the culture sector and all other organizations and entities, all the people in Holguin who so enthusiastically supported their cause in the International Colloquiums and the Five for the Five Days; also to the friends and activists across the world who even met in front of the White House to demand justice for The Five.

Labañino also wanted to thank the support given to the family members of the Cuban Five.

"I know there are many people like us that are ready to give it all, to accomplish any mission, no matter the risks to protect the Homeland from acts of terror or any other aggression," Labañino said.

He added that Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez will join them on Tuesday because he has just come from Europe, and that Rene (Gonzalez Sehwerert) is not feeling well, but "they are not here physically because they are here with us, because they are here with us and you, because we have always been The Five."

After the cultural event closed, people packed around to take pictures with the Heroes, who together with their family members will visit the historic site of Biran, the birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro Ruz.

They will also take part in the inauguration of the show by Antonio Guerrero on Cuban heroin women, which he drew while behind bars.

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