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Agro-ecology by Farmers in Banes, Holguin
Over thirty different agro-ecological practices are used in the Cuban municipality of Banes, whose main doers are private farmers from that coastal jurisdiction of the province of Holguin, who bet on increasing production without having to contaminate soils.
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Organic fertilizers, as true supplier of nutrients, now cover over 70 percent of the local plantations.

One step forward was made at the local credit and services cooperative farms, which just completed the diagnoses.

Agro-ecology began to span massively in Banes 13 years ago thru the use of worm humus as the most important and effective of all natural fertilizers.

Such action led to using fewer chemicals in agriculture aimed at increasing crops and ranching growth.

One good example of the effectiveness of agro-ecological practices is found at the Walfrido Guerrero credit and services cooperative farm, whose associates use worm humus and 28 organic maters to enrich the soil with natural nutrients.

The extensive use of agro-ecology among private landtoilers in Banes has led to a significant increase in sound products, free of contamination, plus a more reasonable protection of the soil and care of environment. / By Radio Banes / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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