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Cuba's Coffee Workers' Day Blessed by Rain
The celebrations for Cuba's Coffee Workers' Day was blessed by the recent rains, which despite posing harder effort while picking grains, that also means speeding up of the grain's ripening process and humidity in the soil, what benefits the nurseries, what will help the renovation of old fields.
Export by Cigar Factory in Holguin, Cuba

The Cuban province of Holguin should do it great to reach the results from the golden days, if they want to increase yields for the welling of the Cuban economy; years ago coffee harvesters got to collect up to a million of cans.

The mission today is keep on reducing import of coffee and increasing export, which according to plans they must contribute with some 685 tons, mainly the company branch in the municipality of Sagua de Tanamo, to meet 89 percent of the total production in the province.

Since the coffee harvest started in Holguin province last August 18, they have picked about 126 thousand cans, mostly of the Arabic variety, and due to the rain ripening process of the robusta variety will speed up.

As the flowering of the robusta variety was delayed caused by he drought, they should end the coffee harvest by late February or early March, and by then they should have reached a total of 331,846 cans.

Roberto Palacios Caignet, a specialist on coffee at the Provincial Agriculture Delegation, informed that although coffee is found in five of the eastern municipalities of Holguin province, the largest plantations of the robusta variety is mostly grown in the highland areas of La Zarza, El Progreso, Naranjo Agrio and El Carmen, where forces are well organized to avoid loss of the grains.

Palacios Caignet praised the students' contribution in the municipality of Sagua de Tanamo, but also those coming from the nearby municipalities of Mayari and Moa.

In the rain continues, as it has been forecast, there could come a peak in the grain's ripening process - which should lead us take additional measures, Palacios Caignet said.

The expert also extolled the organization of the work and the effort and dedication by coffee producers, so much farmers and land leasers.

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