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Holguin: Irma Armas Fonseca Media Festival Closed
The 3rd edition of the Irma Armas Fonseca media festival ended in the north-eastern Cuban city of Holguin after accomplishing a packed agenda, which included lectures, sessions in working commissions and the share of media staffers with experts and the community, and the granting of the awards to the best works.
Holguin Opens 3rd Irma Armas Fonseca Media Festival

The closing day brought the news that reporters Adelfa Hernandez Hernandez, from Cueto, and Jose ramirez Pantoja, from Radio Holguin, got the prize in the category of Radio.

The reportage "Tras la huella roja y blanca" by Annia Fernandez, got the prize in printed press; while the photoreportage on Pope Francis' visit to Holguin by Yusleidis Socorro, Reynaldo Cruz and Javiier Mola also topped the standing. All of them work for the weekly !ahora!  
The TV prize went for Yordanis Rodriguez Laurencio, for the documentary "Entre la vida y el ebola" (Inbetween Life and Ebola), inspired onn his coverage of the struggle against ebola fever in West Africa.

Students of journalism Ileana Silvariño and Beatriz Fernandez bested their peeers with the work El otro rostro de la noche, while Juan Pablo Aguilera was awarded for the research project "Infografia en el mediio digital."

The section "Sexuados" that is led by Luis Felipe Maldonado, from !ahora! web site, got the win in the category of Hypermdia journalism.

At the closing day, reporter Ariel Terrero who works for national media in Havana, was granted the award Microfono de la Dignidad.
The program brought much debate at the round table titled "The silence caused by mass media," which was chaired by renowned local experts and from other Cuban provinces.

The shop on the integrated editorial staff, its complexities, achievements and failures during its accomplishment at the ¡ahora! weekly arouse much interest.

The shop on the radio in digital times tackled on the staffers' preparation and the necessary tools to face the challenge, which also went over the use of sound in the information process.

The delegates to this Festival took part in talks and other debates, and met with the people in the community, where they assessed the work of journalists and evaluated the journalism the country needs to go building the social system it bet on.

The fiesta also tackled on the genres used, and their impact in the media work, mainly by Holguin reporters.
Students majoring in journalism at the University of Holguin also took part in the event who approached media work from the side of reporters to be.

The Irma Armas Fonseca Media Festival also included recreation, which allowed delegates shared and have fun at the Club Siboney in Holguin downtown.

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