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Solidarity, an Ideal for Cuban Informatics Teacher
Cuban teacher of Informatics Carlos Alberto Moreno Leyva is one of the 1,422 internationalists originally from the municipality of Calixto Garcia, Holguin province, who accomplished an internationalist mission in a sister nation, this time in the People's Republic of Angola, where the combatants' constitution to victory in Africa came true thru the heroic "Operacion Carlota."
Cuba Marks 40 Anniversary of Military Mission in Angola

Today, 40 years later, Moreno Leyva is a teacher at the Urbano Armando Valle senior high school in Buenaventura, the head town of the municipality of Calixto Garcia.

- When did get to Africa?

I was very young; I was then 18 when the Cuban Army called me for the mission. We got trained in Matanzas (province), and arrived in Angola in March 29, 1986.

- Where in Angola?

I was stationed in several places prone to war danger indeed; I close my eyes today and I see things crystal clear as if I were living them now. I keep memories of places like Malachi, Mosende, Vie and Cuito Cuanavale - the latter one famous for the heroic battle that eased the way to Angola's independence and the defeat of the Apartheid.

- How do you praise the internationalist mission in Angola?

I'm not lying if I tell you that seeing death so close to me in the battle field and fighting injustice made me feel much more patriot, much more a human being, supportive and revolutionary. And if I've got to go and defend again any other country, I won't hesitate. / By Pablo Aleaga Tamayo – Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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