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Holguin: A Man Close to Land Toiling and Ranching
Ramon Vega Velasquez, Mongo for family and friends, and one of his best animals. Photo: Radio Juvenil
The love for animals came to Ramon Vega Velasquez, Mongo for family and friends, when he was a child; today that is almost 80, he is unable to get rid of such a pleasure; it is that working with animals and toiling the land is much more than a duty, it is life itself for a man that also ran for four decades several positions at the Calixto Garcia Ranching Company, in the homonymous municipality of the Cuban province of Holguin.

Vega Velasquez retired but was determined to continue on toiling the land in his property; however, his duties grew with the chance of land leasing, thus he has got 15 hectares for ranching, and part of them to grow vegetables and grains mainly.

He is proud of the animals he grows, many of which have been awarded with prizes fin fairs and exhibits, among them the International Fair of Rancho Boyeros, in Havana.

His goats, good milk and meat producers, are well know in and outside Cuba.

The latest achievement reached by Vega Velasquez was being granted the Excellent Production award for his friendly work with environment.

"This award goes with my experience along years, which helps me do things right on the ecological handling of the soil; I profit from dung from ranching, which helps enrich the soil, that of course, means better crops, healthier animals, who eat better pasture; this practice plus fertilizing the soil, also stops salinization; that means they turn more productive, even today that we're hit by this drought," said who lives in the settlement of Sabanazo.

Talking to Vega Velasquez about ranching and his Genetic Reserve, where he grows Cuban original races, is like opening the door of experience, "As my pastures are for the most part natural ones, I just fenced them, what helps me go rotating the animals; but I also have pastures I planted - like the sugar cane and kingrass - I go supplying the animals with food during the night stabling."

Ramon Vega Velasquez, nicknamed Mongo, is attached to ranching; he meets the supply plans of milk, beef meat and vegetables, but his relay is around the corner, one of his sons, Juan Carlos Vega, who is an excellent equestrian that already made up his mind, left sports and will retake the reins his father is urging him to walk along, he uses no word or order, nut his example. Well, it is that somebody has to continue on with the work begun by Ramon Vega Velazquez, and who else can do it better than one of his offspring. / By Artemio Leyva - Radio Juvenil / - Translated by Radio Angulo.

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