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Green Map Drawn in Moa, Holguin Province
Children from EcoArte make a great contribution to environment in Moa, Holguin province. Photo: La Voz del Niquel
A new green map is being drawn in the Cuban municipality of Moa, whose main goal is keeping the easternmost jurisdiction of the province of Holguin ecologically cleaned.
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Actions go there thru the members of Ecoarte, a project made up of children who are directly working in the community, where they find out the wrong and good stances.

Melisa Tamayo, a member of the environment program, said the project made its way by the mid of this year, but despite such a short time, we can already see some results.

Melanio Maden, the general coordinator of EcoArte said this new project ha been good for member children, who go side by side the district delegates on their environment program.

Maden said children help much in the environment research in the communities, and work together to help local authorities and the people to revert the harms caused by neglect stances, but mostly by standing out the best practices.

EcoArte bets on the future, therefore, they have been organizing the Second Municipal Shop upcoming November to check the work done and make arrangements to go on.

Almost all elementary school students from Moa will attend the meeting, who will feed from the work done and will come to terms on the actions to go, after assessing today's situation in the community.

The idea is to take actions on the way to make Moa a green place, friendly to live and work.

The work done by EcoArte members have gained nacional reference thru the actions done there in favour of environment.

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