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Self-employed and companies in Holguin strengthen commercial link
  • Written by Ania Delia Infante Fernández
La Aurora Restaurant in the city of Holguín. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso (archieve)
In the province of Holguín, more than a hundred Gastronomy units and several Technical and Personal Services workshops have benefited after establishing links with commercial entities in the territory, such as the Universal Company and the Wholesaler of Food Products and other Consumer Goods.
Currently, the cuisine of Holguín has 134 units, of which 44 light food cafes, nine paladares and 81 coffee shops of various products, are managed in a non-state way.

The non-agricultural cooperative La Popular, located at the corner of Martí and Cervantes streets of the capital city, which shows satisfactory economic results when entering about 4 million pesos in 2017, evidencing the sustainability of this type of management.

In the same way, the potentialities of different local and have been evaluated 34 dossiers that are already pending approval to establish non-agricultural cooperatives there.

As stated by Liset Pérez, institutional communicator of the Business Group of Commerce in Holguín, the pretensions are that they continue incorporating self-employed workers into the modality of leases in the different gastronomy units and services of the Group.

As for the workshops of the Technical and Personal Services Company, today there are 133 leased units, of which 28 have supply contracts with the Universal Company, in the municipalities of Holguín, Urbano Noris, Calixto García, Cueto and Mayarí.

However, some dissatisfaction persist, such as the absence of a wholesale market destined for the sale of resources to self-employed workers, the abandonment of products, such as bottled rum, and the lack of commercial image in the units.

Even so, the contractual relations between the forms of non-state management with the Universal Company and the Wholesaler of Food Products and other consumer goods will be maintained during this year, which will allow both parties to comply with their economic plans.

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  • William J Read

    What is meant by the term "the abandonment of bottled rum" as a cause of dissatisfaction? I can see bottled rum being sold in the photograph.