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Intense precipitations favor accumulation of water in the reservoirs of Holguín.
  • Written by Ania Delia Infante Fernández
Dam. Photo: Granma
The intense rainfalls that have occurred since the last weekend, as a result of the cold front that was stationed over the eastern region of the country, come at a favorable time for the accumulation of water in the reservoirs of Holguín province

The engineer Jorge Luis Boch, director of Exploitation and Planning of the Company of Hydraulic Utilization, said "we are currently in a better situation, since the dams of the territory are at 87.1 percent of the total filling capacity".

"Of 922.5 million cubic meters, today we have reservoirs 803.4 and there is a tendency to increase those volumes," says the engineer.

To date, availability has increased in the 21 dams, so the companies involved take all measures so that the population is not affected by possible dumping. The accumulated amounts will allow the province to be less affected during the coming drought periods.

According to the director of use and planning of the Hydraulic Utilization Company, the coverage of the 13 reservoirs that supply the population is guaranteed: it is over 220 days, so it is expected that there will be no problems with its availability in 2018.

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  • William J Read

    Good news for Holguin, and I look forward to the ready availability of water when I visit next year.