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Holguin historian treasures more than 25 thousand photos of Fidel
Fidel Castro.Photo:Cubasí
The young Holguin historian Víctor Aguilera Noel treasures more than 25 thousand digital photographs of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, a file he has been promoting since he was just 11 years old.

The intellectual expressed to the ACN that since he was in the fifth grade, he compiles and organizes, by dates and places, the images of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

He revealed that his passion as a collector arose when he was close to Fidel on May 6, 1996, when he was traveling through the Urbano Noris plant in the Holguin municipality of the same name, from where Víctor is a native.

“I never thought I could see him personally”, he recalls and adds that the excitement of the moment, added to the concern of his elementary school teacher to make him and his classmates understand the importance of that visit, motivated him to cut out each photo of the Commander appearing in the newspapers and magazines of the time.

He tells that everything started as a hobby; he kept the photographs in the telephone directories and reviewed his dates, authors, places and the people accompanying Fidel, and thus managed to have 13 albums, whose images he gradually digitized when he began his studies in the University of Holguin.

His closest relatives and friends also provided him with materials for his collection, which he further enriched, thanks to the access to the Internet provided by his entrance to the History Department of the house of higher studies in the eastern province.

However, Víctor, now 32 years old, has not only collected thousands of images of Fidel, but he has also been determined to identify the largest body of information about them, a task that will require extensive dedication, considering that the Commander was, by his transcendence, one of the most photographed personalities nationally and internationally.

"To identify the photos well, I had to make a catalog about Fidel's physical characteristics and the uniforms and accessories he used at different times in his revolutionary struggle," he said.

The dedication and seriousness of Víctor to make his collection made the Office of Historical Affairs of the State Council request more than a year ago his collaboration to organize Fidel's photographic archive there.

He points out that to date, 20 boxes of photographs that treasure, among other moments, the innumerable exchanges of Fidel with

Cubans throughout the Island have been ordered and given identifying value.

"We try that someday the press publications about the Commander can be better graphed with those photos that reflect the real moment of the narrated events", he emphasized.

The Holguin historian also pointed out that the uncountable photographs that were taken of the Commandant are examples of his feats as a human being, beyond his status as a politician, guide of society and internationalist feelings, because they reflect the careful attention that he professed to the people of Cuba.

"For me he is the most transcendental world leader of the 20th century and the importance of his figure will increase much more as the years go by", he emphasized.
With information of ACN

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  • Patty Giambalvo

    How could I see these photos. There exists a photo of Castro holding my husband and his twin brother when they were very young. Probably taken in 59. Where can I see these and is there anyway to speak with Víctor Aguilera Noel. My husband;s family lived in Holguin and we are searching for his half brother.