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Cuban Woman in Love with the Land She Toils
Maria Quintana toiling the land and making her living for her family. Photo: Radio Banes
"I was born in the furrow and live for it because it's my life itself," said Maria Quintana, who works in a vegetable garden in the Cuban municipality of Banes, in the northeastern province of Holguin. Vegetable production keeps growing and expanding there, and Maria has much to do with it.
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"The land by itself can't give you food, you've got to work hard," said the mother of 3 children, for whom the family and land toiling have been her daydream.

"We're doing it pretty well this year. We have grown lettuce, tomato, pepper, beet and radish, and now we've got the flowerbeds ready for planting or on the way to," said Maria, who does not care about the sun; you can see her watering the flowerbeds or weeding them, planting here or there, picking the fruit of her hard work, and if she has to take the plow there she is because working is her duty.

She talks to you straight. Her words go all filled with sweat and hard work because Maria Quintana talks thru the hoe.

"You've got to work hard and with much love if you want to make an honest living. I can't live without land toiling," concluded saying this woman that lives and works in Banes, for the wellbeing of her hometown. And it is that the land gives her food, money for the family as the sun says good morning or good night Maria Quintana. / By Carlos Garcia Matos – Radio Banes / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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