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Trails of Terrorism in Boca de Sama, Holguin
Boca de Sama, today living a peaceful life, but 44 yeras ago an act of terror planted sorrow there. Photo: archive
The night of October 12, 1971 promised to be peaceful for the people living in the coastal village of Boca de Sama; but the reining silence was broken in that place located near Guardalavaca beach, in the Cuban municipality of Banes, in the northeastern province of Holguin, by an unexpected and unwelcome thunder of bullets.

A terrorist attack by Alpha 66, an anti-Cuban terrorist organization, fired against Boca de Sama claiming the life of two combatants and injuring a other four persons.

Combatants of the Ministry of Interior Ramon Siam Portelles and Lidio Rivaflecha Galano were killed; Carlos Escalante who was then running the coastguard unit there; farmer Jesus Igarza; and sisters Nancy and Aracelis Pavon, 15 and 13 year old, respectively, were wounded during the attack.

The mercenary action was commanded by the CIA and conducted by its agents, and noted terrorists, Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magriñat, and his accomplice Luis Posada Carriles.

The people living then in Boca de Sama said the mercenaries attacked the place on a dark night, that they landed there and fired at houses and schools; and that they plundered the only shop there.

Resistence forces were soon organized, but the attackers went back to their pirate boats, cowardly fleeing from the Cuban couteratatck.

Cuban homes mourned after the attack, some persons were wounded for ever after, among them Nancy Pavon, who underwent the amputation of a foot.

Today, 44 years later, the small town of farmers and fishermen of Boca de Sama can forget the enemy aggression; the terrorist attack remains in the long list of acts of terror, which have caused so much harm and sorrow to many Cuban homes, and unfortunately, the masterminds and their perpetrators have never been tried.

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