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The Combat of Los Moscones, a Cuban Victory in Holguin
mambises cuba f archivoThe Cuban troops that were fighting for the homeland's independence in the 19th century from Spanish colonial rule achieved in July the first, 1896 one of the most important war actions in today's municipality of Calixto Garcia, in the northeastern province of Holguin; in fact, "the Combat of Los Moscones served to show how weak the Spaniards were," at the saying of Major General Calixto Garcia, while addressing the President of the Republic in Arms, Salvador Cisneros Betancourt.
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According to Calixto Garcia, who wrote on his diary that on the night of June 30th he left with his escort of about 40 men from Las Parras along a road going south to the central road to Puerto del Principe (Camaguey), indeed one of the ways the Cuban fighters used to reach from Camaguey and Las Tunas to the rest of the country's eastern part.

That night he decided to camp in Las Mantecas, where he was informed that around La Caridad, located some 12 kilometers way, a Spanish column was coming, which – made up of about 1 500 men and well armed – posed a threat. He immediately gave instructions to his troop and commanded two men to snoop around.

Early the following day, he parted and decided to prepare an ambush in the place called Los Moscones, distant 7 kilometers away from Mala Noche, the main prefecture of the Cuban independence Army.

Garcia profited from the rough topography to wait for the arrival of the enemy column. The combat that began at six in the morning lasted about five hours. The initial surprise forced the column to fall back, taking north to the town of San Agustin de Aguaras, a zone with no Cuban forces around.

The combat of Los Moscones turned profitable for the Cuban forces, several Spanish soldiers got wounded whose military equipment and supplies fell into the hands of the independence fighters, who had no casualties.

Then Garcia decided to go to Mala Noche, where he camped; the following day he wrote a letter to the President to inform him on the above mentioned event, in which he stressed the action served to proof the Spanish army was weak.

The Combat of Los Moscones was, without a doubt, the most important war action of its type during the wars for independence in the 19th century, in today's municipality of Calixto Garcia, thus, to honor him, since 1976 the jurisdiction was baptized after the notable patriot born in Holguin city.

Calixto Garcia showed much courage, intelligence, astuteness and capacity in the combat of Los Moscones and other battles. The experience he had achieved during the first war in Cuba initiated in October, 10th 1868 and the called Little One to launch him to the rank of lieutenant general, after the killing in action of Antonio Maceo. / By Ordey Diaz Escalona – Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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