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Holguín celebrates its 266th birthday
El Quijote Park in the city of Holguín.Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
This January 18 Holguin, the so-called "Cuban City of Parks" is celebrating his 266 birthday, and does so in the heat of the XXXVI Week of Culture in Holguin.

Since January 18, 1752, when Holguin was granted the title of city and government tenure, by decree of King Ferdinand VI of Spain, many Januaries have passed, and upon arriving to date, one could ask: Is our city aging?

If we take a look at the past, we can remember that the first houses were settled on land owned by the Captain of the Spanish army García Holguín. This happened back in 1523 and the name of the aforementioned soldier would take the name of the nascent town of San Isidoro de Holguín.

In its origins the town was drawn between the rivers Jigüe and Marañón, having as its center the Parade Ground, place that currently occupies the majestic Mayor General Calixto García Park, name of the illustrious son of this land that fought in the three wars of the 19th century against the Spanish domain.parque calixto garcia holguin 2
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According to the historians, that is how they were, the first steps of the populous capital of Holguín, converted by the work and grace of its inhabitants into an important urban center of the country.

Holguín has been closely linked to the history of struggles in our country, from the very moments of its birth, and the courage and patriotism of its children was present in all the battles of our people.

Extensive is the list of holguineros who offered their lives throughout the battle of the Cubans to conquer their full and definitive independence, achieved with the triumph of the Rebel Army on January 1, 1959.

This generous delivery has also registered the names of numerous combatants and civilian collaborators from Holguin in defense of socialism and internationalism, who are part of the Cuban martyrology.

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 Today, for the pride of its inhabitants, the city of Holguín is beautiful for its appearance and its history, and has expanded its territorial limits where important works of economic and social development are exhibited, which is synonymous of growth and maturity of a city that rejuvenates with time.

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