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Rubén Martínez Villena, poet, intellectual and revolutionary. Photo: (archieve

Rubén Martínez Villena, poet, intellectual and revolutionary

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On January 16, 1934, the poet, intellectual and revolutionary Rubén Martínez Villena died in Havana, victim of pulmonary tuberculosis, leaving behind an indelible mark of love for his country

He had a short but intense life that young man born in Alquizar, on December 20, 1899, and who belonged to that lineage of patriots who with their revolutionary action gave continuity, in word and action, to the independence struggles of our people.

Villena knew how to earn the admiration and respect of those who knew him. This was described by the critic Max Henríquez Ureña: "He was the poet who, with greater depth and technical mastery, made the note of sentimental irony vibrates".

They say that Villena interceded with the tyrant Gerardo Machado to release Julio Antonio Mella, who was imprisoned and on a hunger strike, on bail. Before the refusal of the tyrant, Villena endilgó the qualifier that dragged until the end of its existence: "ass with claws."

From his revolutionary thinking these statements he said: "The people knowing their history will know how to preserve it with the decorum it deserves.", "My duties as a Cuban are above all. I believe that man is primarily committed to the motherland and the mother. "

Here is his concept of patriotism: "patriotism is love for the natural beauties of the country of birth, interest for its inhabitants and customs, veneration for its great men, taste for its music, kind memory of childhood, family affections. And so we understand it and we even feel it. "

Villena was the author of these lit patriotic verses, as the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, described it in a memorable speech:"It takes a load to kill rogues, / to finish the work of revolutions; to avenge the dead, who suffer outrage, /to cleanse the tenacious crust of colonialism; to be able to one day, with prestige and reason, / remove the Appendix to the Constitution; not to make useless, in humiliating luck,/ the effort and hunger and the wound and death; so that the Republic remains of itself, /to fulfill Marti's marble dream;to guard the earth, glorious of spoils, /to save the temple of Love and Faith, /so that our children do not beg for fennel /the homeland that the parents won us standing ".
Rubén Martínez Villena, a universal Cuban, receives this January 16 the tribute of remembrance of his people, to mark the 84th anniversary of his physical disappearance.
Roberto Ortiz del Toro
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