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Cuba: The Mambi Ten Cent Stamp
Cuba's ten cent stamp. Photo: Radio Rebelde
It has a green color and has the Cuban Republic coat of arms and it cost $ ten cents. It had an easy production and a high historical value apart from being effective. It is about the locally well-known as Sello mambi (Mambi stamp) which began its circulation even in the middle of the local mambi conflict.

You should know that the local mambi military forces kept an effective mail service in the countryside of Cuba and in the middle of the liberation wars against the Spanish colonialism. These mail services were extended from Santiago de Cuba to Colon in the Cuban eastern region in 1874; besides, it is considered that year as the one when the first issue was carried out.

According to the specialist Jose Luis Guerra Aguiar through his work entitled "Historia de Cuba": it was authorized the issue of up to 100.000 stamps by the then Junta Central Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Central Junta, literally) and it was printed according to the related parameters by the Continental Bank Note Co. Moreover, it was that printing house the one which carried out the bones issued in those years. It was absorbed by the American Bank Note Co, on February 4th, 1879.

It is known that there were sold up to 51.827 of those stamps during the local ten-year war period. Moreover, those people who visit the Cuban Mail Museum may also watch the Mambi stamp of the then "El Tinima mambi" newspaper which was transported by the rebel mail in 1868 from Cubitas region to Yaguajay and even though it has not any stamp on it, it has printed the mark of its issue by the Cubitas mail administration.

The existence of few envelopes or covers achieved by the then mail of the Cuban Armed Republic was mainly due to difficult conditions in which the war was carried out and it is completely understandable that after reading the messages contained in those letters, they were all destroyed to avoid being taken by the enemy. / By Lucia Sanz - Radio Rebelde / Translated by Juan Carlos Caballero.

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