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Holguin Docs Ready to Assist Ecuador Quake Victims
Doctors from the Cuban province of Holguin have assisted people in need across the world, mostly when hit by epidemics and earthquakes, thus they have achieved experience in several risky missions. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
That Cuba is a supportive nation goes without saying, and Holguin people like all Cubans do, feel sorry about the tragedy Ecuador is living today in the aftermath of the earthquake and replicas hitting that sister nation.
Cuba's Collaboration to Regional Mosquito-Control Program
Ecuador's Homage to Cuban Doctors Victims of Quake

But our people also feel sympathy for the families of the three Cuban health staffers killed in the earthtremor. However, our support goes every where they claim for help in time of tragedies or any time they need of Cubans' aid.

Today Holguin is lending a hand to Ecuador by sending more doctors, who join the locals already working there.

Members of the Henry Reeve medical detachment from Holguin province is ready to leave for Ecuador if they need more support.

The group of health staffers is made up of anesthesiologists, obstetricians and rehabilitation experts that have already assisted people going thru same situation in Pakistan and Haiti that are now willing to contribute to saving lives in Ecuador.

That shows the vocation that was planted in the Cuban nation and that health staffers are no exception, the opposite, true paradigms.

Today, health staffers from Holguin province are aiding patients from 40 nations, mainly in Latin America and Africa.

A group of health staffers from Holguin province also combated the ebola fever in African nations.

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