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Cuban Medicine Heberprot-P Benefits Thousands of Patients
Cuban medicine Heberprot-P. Photo: Radio Angulo
Over 220.000 patients from 30 nations profit from Heberprot-P medicine - the only one of its type in te world - which Cuba commercializes due to its benefits, among them helping decrease the amputation parameter about the diabetic foot.
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According to the related data provided to Radio Rebelde station by Raudel Sosa Echagarruga Internationally, who is the promoter of the local Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologia (Genetics and Biotechnology Engineering, literally) center of Havana city: "the benefits and the impact that it causes contribute to the increase of the interest. "

Over 220000 Patients Benefitted by Heberprot-P Medicine Overseas

"Even the U.S. President Barak Obama was interested in its benefits as part of his recent visit to Cuba, and we reached not only those nations with which we have had diplomatic relations in Latin America like Venezuela and Ecuador, for instance." Raudel Sosa Echagarruga

"We registered the Heberprot-P in Russia which is something very important given the European Union, as well as the Arab nations and we have positives results in Kuwait. The related interest is higher due to they have enough knowledge about its advantages."Raudel Sosa Echagarruga commented.

Cuba shows really positive results about its local Health Program and general patient´s healthcare treatment with the diabetic foot and Raudel Sosa Echagarruga stated:

"It is a more solid step to establish it in all those nations which could desire it. This organized way is essential for the detection of the amputation parameters."

"In our nation, there are nearly 50.000 people benefitted with that unprecedented impact and the amputation parameter has decreased below the 20%. Moreover, it is essential the related primary health care treatment, the nearest one to the community like the local Family doctor clinics and the polyclinic centers, respectively."He said.

"The primary health care treatments are a priority for the detection of non-complex ulcers and there are more than 80 percent of patients who are being treated through that level who thank the improvement of their quality of life." Raudel Sosa Echagarruga commented.

"We recognize that work of the primary health care treatment in the municipalities of the nation which provides another advantage to the aforementioned program: the patients' decrease of their stay in hospitals with complex ulcers and the reduction or the budget of costs in the institution of the Public Health System." He said.

Raudel Sosa Echagarruga announced that the Congress named Controlando la diabetis y sus complicaciones (Controlling the diabetis and its moore serious complications, literally), along with the participation of world personalities, will be carried out between December 7th through 9.th

The abovementioned center of Havana city designed that medicine. It is there where it is produced and commercialized the stimulating agent for the scar formation which can be used as a vaccine and presented in cases.

Regarding its advantages, it stimulates the granulation through a progressive way given it reduces the scar formation and costs by decreasing the costs of stay in hospital. It is safe and contributes to the maintenance of the extremity.

Given its social impact, the Heberprot-P is an achievement of the Cuban Health and Biotechnology system and It has Jorge Berlarga Acosta as its main author who is a Gold Medal winner of the World Organization of Industrial Property. / By Mireya Ojeda - Radio Rebelde / Translated by Juan Carlos Caballero.

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