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Penile Implants Free of Charge in Holguin, Cuba
pene protesis f aldiaSince 2007 until today, some 60 men from the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin have so far profited from the "malleable" penis prosthesis, a free of charge service given at the Lucia Iñiguez Landin clinical hospital by a multidisciplinary team of Urology.
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The penile prosthetic implant is a third-line procedure for patients with severe erectile dysfunction (difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection) and refractory to other treatments, but it is estimated that only 10 of every 100 men with that problem request professional help.

Urology specialist Diana Martinez Vargas, master in sexuality and pioneer in the placement of these devices in Holguin, meant that, since 2007 when she began the procedure here so far, there have been no problems and almost all of the 60 patients achieved erection that allows a sexual act with penetration.

About the procedure she detailed: "We make a very small incision and hassle free partially preserving the erectile tissue and we place the prosthesis within the cavernous tissue. The ones we employ in Cuba are flexible made of a rigid material, silicone, with silver or steel wire inside, which gives them a position of erection and rest ".

"These are more durable and economical than the hydraulic ones, whose treatment in other countries costs between 15 thousand to 20 thousand dollars and the malleable is about 10 thousand, but in our country it is free, only the patient should be referred from the Consultation of Sexology, which lies in the polyclinic Julio Grave de Peralta, at the service of the urology department of the hospital and if the patient does not respond to the medical care lines he reaches the surgical procedure. "

However, the doctor said that the most important for the male population is prevention to dispense with the operative act, how to avoid high blood pressure and diabetes and if having some of these diseases the patients should keep them compensated.

She also suggested to ignore the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes; and circumvent falls or trauma to the penis and most importantly, seek medical advice early before havig erection problems for more than three months.

In Cuba the penile prosthesis implant for impotence began in 2005, according to the protocol designed in this regard. / By Lourdes Pichs Rodriguez. Translated by Al Dia.

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