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Holguin: They extend clinical trial against lung cancer
  • Written by Maylín Betancourt Verdecia
The therapeutic vaccine CIMAvaxEGFr will be extended to several municipalities of Holguin in the Primary Health Care. Photo: Juventud Rebelde
With the purpose of improving the quality of life of those suffering from lung cancer in phase IV, the clinical trial better known as epidermal growth factor will soon be extended to almost all of the municipalities of Holguín.

With the application of the therapeutic vaccine CIMAvaxEGFr, as maintenance therapy for non-small cell lung cancer it is possible to bring medical attention to the communities where the patients live.

Zaimar Rodríguez Feria, Provincial Head of the Clinical Trials Group, told the press: "What is currently prevailing is the extension of clinical trials to Primary Health Care (PHC), that is, polyclinics. Basically it was done in Holguín but it was also extended to other municipalities such as Gibara and Cacocum and this year they must start in Calixto García, Urbano Noris, Cueto, Báguano, Rafael Freyre, Banes, Moa and Mayarí. "

This vaccine is immunogenic towards EGF, which reduces blood concentrations, inhibits receptor phosphorylation (EGFR), arrests the cell cycle of tumor cells that overexpress it, leading to tumor destruction or to stop their growth. In other words, the vaccine makes specific targets in the natural protein Nepidermina.

Each dose of the therapeutic product is conceived as four applications intramuscularly in different sites. The treatment consists of a first phase of induction that begins with the administration of cyclophosphamide (single dose of 200 mg

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  • martin gugino

    Exciting to see CIMAVax in Holguin. I live in Buffalo, NY, USA, where Roswell Park is also, as you know, doing trials, to try to match the results that you have obtained, as the best way to get the drug approved in the USA.