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Better diagnoses with new Magnetic Resonance equipment in Holguín
  • Written by Maylín Betancourt Verdecia
Better diagnoses with new Magnetic Resonance equipment in Holguín. Photo: Maylín Betancourt
That the Surgical Clinical Hospital "Lucía Íñiguez Landín" has a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment means not having to travel to Havana or other western provinces to carry out these studies.

This was confirmed by Yamisleisis Arias, a patient from Granma who previously had to travel to distant provinces to monitor a complex condition:

- "I have an injury that compresses my pituitary gland and because it is small, it has to be followed, that is, if it grows immediately, it is necessary to operate. The resonance helps me to know my illness because without the opportunities it offers, how can I know my state of health ?, because what I have is not treated, only operation if it increases in size ".

Gerardo Capote is another patient who also needs to be studied periodically to know how it evolves: due to two herniated discs and a fracture of the spine

- "This equipment is highly diagnostic, allows you to better see the images that can not be observed with such accuracy on radiographs."

These stories are those of just two patients of the nearly 700 who have benefited from the advanced medical team, since its implementation in late 2017.

According to Dr. Luis Manuel García Niebla, general director of "Lucía Iñiguez":

- "This team of Chinese origin with a cost close to half a million dollars allows multiple patients to benefit, especially those of neurological diseases that require specific studies of the skull for a better diagnosis to determine the behavior to follow"

Undoubtedly there are unquestionable advantages offered by the new Magnetic Resonance on which explains the specialist of II degree in Imaging, José Alberto Álvarez Cuesta:

- "This team has brought us a great advantage since the one we had from Philips brand limited us certain studies and with this last generation we can do any exam with a high level of resolutivity ".

Thus, with the new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment of the Lucía Iñiguez Surgical Clinical Hospital of Holguín, better diagnostic possibilities are made available to the population of the eastern territory, at the same time it is evident that the latest technology that is progressively being installed in the health centers has the purpose of providing a better service.

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