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Holguín: Transfer of services from Lenin to the Lucía Iñiguez, a necessary change
  • Written by Maylín Betancourt Verdecia
Lucía Iñiguez Landín Surgical Clinical Hospital in the city of Holguín. Photo: Ahora
Although it has been some time since several medical services were transferred from the Vladimir Ilich Lenin General Hospital to the Lucía Iñiguez Landín Surgical Clinical Hospital, this has generated controversy among the people of Holguin.
It is understandable that any change in principle generates dissatisfaction due to the long distant of the Surgical Clinic to the urban area and the real difficulties for the relatives of the sick people to find alternative transport means to take them there, especially at mid night, however, it is important that the population know the objective causes that obey this decision.

According to the Director of the Surgical Clinic, Luis Manuel García Niebla: "This transfer is due not only to needs but with strategies to leave in certain places the greatest possibility of technology that guarantees safer assistance for patients who require these services in a moment determined".

The "Lenin" has become today the largest maternity center in Cuba and Latin America, which has led to assuming a maternity care activity that warrants a greater availability of beds for this purpose. On the other hand, in the hospital center, an intentional growth of the oncological part has developed as a regional center with first-class technology. He also stays with the services of Cardiology and general Internal Medicine (Geriatrics and Surgery).

In the Clinic has been available advanced technology such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Computerized Axial Tomography and transplantation program of marrow, cornea and "this year we should start liver transplantation, and when you have this high technology it is not correct to have them divided because it would weaken the development of these specialties, therefore it was decided to develop these specialties in a specific place so that the assistance has a greater effectiveness and a higher level of satisfaction”.

“The transfer has been done in an organized manner, which does not imply that there is no health care unit, because a patient with a delicate health situation must attend the nearest health institution and after being stabilized to be transferred, "said García Niebla.

So these movements are essential in the process of reorganization of health services that occur in the territory. In the Surgical Clinic are created the necessary conditions to assume the activities of the Guard Corps, medical consultations and admission of the specialties of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Even the highest levels of government focus their attention and action in finding alternatives for the population of Holguín to move to the Surgical Clinic in better conditions and receive excellent medical attention in this hospital center.

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2018-01-30 10:23:54

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