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A house, a home, a family
A grandmother from Holguín. Photo_ Amauris Betancourt (archieve)
Those who pass by the house and look inside do not see sad faces or loneliness. Maybe some glasses will appear from a window, while a mouth will draw a smile. The luckiest may take a gesture of goodbye made by a hand that has not lost beauty, despite the years. Those who live there for a few hours know of household joys and shared happiness

In the central street Aguilera, between Máximo Gómez and Mártires is located, colonial and airy, the House of Grandparents Lucia Iñiguez Landín. From very early in the morning, its doors open to give way to a new day for those who spend the day there and feel welcomed and cared for.

"Currently the house has an enrollment of 25 elderly, although its capacity is expected to take about 10 more people," says Ana Maria Carralero, social worker at the
When they enter they have their breakfast, followed by activities that are prepared in the House like games, exercises, visits to museums, etc. They are also offered a snack before lunch and then they are allowed to rest to continue with other activities. Since they are here until 05:30 they are also offered snack and dinner. "

"One of the main functions of the grandparents' houses is to prepare them for their return to the environment, explains Carralero. Here they are offered talks with psychologists and specialists who help you discover mechanisms and techniques to face loneliness and take on this new stage of life. The maximum stay is six months and when they are ready to do so, they leave the home giving way to new additions ".

The house welcomes elderly people who do not have a committed physical condition, whether they are prostrate or depend on other people to perform basic actions. The communities of Pueblo Nuevo, Reparto Lenin, Vista Alegre and Centro Ciudad are the ones that provide the greatest number of grandparents.

If any medical event occurs, the Máximo Gómez teaching polyclinic, located a few blocks from the house, provides primary services for specialized care, although the place has basic medical assistance.

Among the main activities carried out are visits to the Provincial Book Center, Holguín Gallery, Casa de la Música and the Alex Urquiola Provincial Library. In addition, excursions are scheduled and collective birthdays are celebrated every three months.

To enter this home it is necessary to be between 60 and 90 years old. In addition, it must be demonstrated that it is in a situation of vulnerability that requires care as provided there and monthly pay a fee of 180 pesos in national currency.

The grandmother Elisa González Betancourt, on behalf of her colleagues, comments: "we feel very well, the treatment is good, like the food, the stay is pleasant and life becomes more pleasant, because friendship and fellowship".

Due to constructive failures and the deterioration of some of its facilities and as part of a program, which includes several health facilities in the territory, a capital repair was carried out in the home to allow it to be well cared for.

Undertaken in 2014 and covered by more than three million pesos, this program made possible the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 18 homes for grandparents and seven homes for the elderly, while the process of furnishing, still underway, with new parts and comfortable

In the province of Holguín, the older adult currently represents 18 percent of the population and for this there are seven homes for the elderly and 19 homes for grandparents with a capacity of around 1,500 tenants in internal and external regimes.

Undoubtedly, those who cohabit there feel like members of a family and under the protection of loving hands that transmit security and love in these autumnal years of their lives.

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