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Effective Anti-flu Vaccination Campaign in Holguin
Effective Anti-flu Vaccination Campaign in Holguin. Photo: bohemia.cu
According to studies made in Cuba the months of greater morbidity are defined from May to September so health authorities in Holguín are carrying out since July 28 and up to September 30, the 2017-2018 Anti-flu Vaccination Campaign, aimed at protecting the most vulnerable groups of the population.

According to Dr. Clara Fernández Batista, head of the Provincial Vaccination Program, "Efficacy of 97.6 percent has been reached, a figure that should increase in the remaining days of the month. A recovery week is scheduled for the first days of October. "

This year, the inactivated vaccine containing a mixture of highly purified and effective antigens against influenza A (H1N1 and A H3N2) and influenza B virus variants, has been applied to infants from the age of six months and children of 1 year 11 months old and 29 days, who receive two intramuscular injections in intervals of four weeks.

Pregnant women, elderly over 75 years old, seniors from nursing homes, patients at the Psychopedagogical Center, those diagnosed with Fibrocystic Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Renal Insufficiency, hospitalized chronic psychiatric patients, workers of poultry and pig farms and health workers at risk, as well as diabetic and asthmatic patients diagnosed in 2016, aged between 18 and 24 years old, will be immunized.

Dr. Rosa María Estéfano Rodríguez, head of the Program for Acute Respiratory Infection and Tuberculosis of the Provincial Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, explained that "the immunogen against influenza does not produce influenza in any case, because the viruses it contains are inactivated. Its adverse effects are minor, although there are contraindications known by the health staff.

The duration of immunity against the vaccine virus is maintained for a period of 12 months and the antibodies appear between eight and 12 days after vaccination.

It is recommended that people should be vaccinated, especially parents of children who are missing out on vaccination, who are between the ages of six months and one year 11 months and 29 days, should come to their health areas to be inoculated.

The specialist added that it is necessary to increase hygienic measures, such as washing hands with soap and water, to cover the mouth and nose with the angle of the elbow when sneezing and coughing, among others, to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

According to data from the World Health Organization, the influenza virus is very contagious and causes three to five million sick people and up to 500 thousand deaths per year in the world, which is why Cuba invests every year a great amount of resources to carry out the campaign against influenza and thus to protect the most vulnerable groups of the population against the disease.

As the virus frequently changes, each year the vaccine must adapt to the strains in circulation, both in the northern and the southern hemispheres. With information of Lourdes Pichs Rodríguez-A/ ahora.cu

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