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Culture Thru the Hands of the Youth in Buenaventura, Holguin
Competition Yo Canto (I Can Sing) - an event organized by young artists. Photo: Ariadna Hernandez Perez – Radio Juvenil
Boosting love for cultural traditions among the younger generations is the goal of the dancing shop opened by Cuban arts instructor Osmani Barallobre.
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This expert, who belongs to the "Jose Marti" group of arts instructors, was just acknowledged by the local Government in the municipality of Calixto Garcia, in Holguin province; that is why the web site from Radio Juvenil wanted to know of his work in the group he runs: Raices Cubanas (Cuban Roots).

- Barallobre, how did the idea of opening this project came up to you?

The project arouse thru my shop on artistic creation as an arts instructor of dancing at Calixto Garcia school, in the town of Buenaventura. I teach local dances like corrido, together with two deeply rooted cultural traditions here: organ music and the caringa calixteña, which identify our municipality since the 19th century. That's why, taking them to school for the students to learn to dance them and love them is our duty.

- Tell me about the format of the group and your presentations?

Raices Cubanas that's made up of six couples rehearse in school. There we're supported by the school directive board, and that encourages the talented students who enjoy what they're doing, as they little by little go deep within their roots, and feel glad of loving them and defending tem. All that helps them get rid of banality and awful aesthetic taste that mark some present-day socio-cultural events. We take our art to our school, but also to recreation and community events across the municipality.

- Are pleased with your work?

I'm pleased in way with all we've reached so far, but I feel we can go further. In my opinion we can do more to bring more artistic expressions together; and take to the stage much better and more ambitious proposals for the students' and the people's sound recreation. I feel we can do it because as Cubans we can defend the Cuban way thru our cultural presentations.

- Last summer season your project "Yo Canto" for local children was widely accepted in the town of Buenaventura. Will it continue on?

"Yo Canto! is a project that proved we can organized activities that people can enjoy much. It was a challenge, but it showed we can go on. That's why we'll continue on, hoping that more children join us. If we can do it, we'll make a nice show, and that the most significant thing is that children learn and enjoy true art. / By Ariadna Hernandez Perez – Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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